Share Life’s Joy

All season long, Shutterfly has partnered with Ellen to bring joy to people and families in need. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of sharing life’s joy with so many people. As it hit your TV screens, it also virally spread through our office. Awws, laughter, and tissues were all around.


  1. fiona-joy says

    Hi there!, My name is Fiona-joy, & I live in Melbourne Australia, & I just cry at some of The Shutterfly Stories on The Ellen Show, some of those Families that have been having such a tough Life & in need of Desperate Help/Aid, It warms My heart to see the Look’s on the Face’s of People in those circumstances, especially when some one such as Shutterfly together with Ellen, are there for them, right by their side, I cry like a Baby actually.
    I Wish Shutterfly & Ellen extended their Help to Australia, because we have nothing like that over here, which is sad, because there are many struggling Families Over Here, who are doing it tough too, but no one to Hear their cries for help.
    My Hubby is only 37 years old, & been off work for 5 years now, he was attacked while on duty as a Bus Driver,but now, he is disregarded as unfit for work & Pensioned -off due to His PTSD caused by the Traumatic attack in which he endured all those years ago, & I am now His Full time career & We Have 5 Kids, two just starting school, and we do it tough too, but we are still together & Strong,You know what they say,’ Life Goes On’!., no matter what Path Your Given, You simply adapt to it.
    The Ellen Show is a real inspiration to me, I call it ‘My Pick-me-up time of the day’,My time to laugh & escape reality.
    Thanks Guys.

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