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It seems like children’s books are popular themes nowadays for baby showers. You’ve seen the invites that ask to bring a book instead of a card, and the ways books are incorporated into the decorating and food (like the hungry caterpillar grape skewers on the food table). Well here is an idea for another way to add a book to your next baby shower, with Shutterfly’s hard cover photo books, by making a photo book for guests to sign with well wishes for the new baby. Guests can sign the book yearbook style near their name and then once the child is born the parents can read the book to the child and point to the pictures and tell the child who each family member is.

Shutterfly Photo Books

These books are great ideas for family showers where one of the hosts would have lots of pictures of the family members who are attending the shower and creates the book ahead of time. Then at the party simply put out the book with some pens (I used my old scrap-booking pens so they were acid free and wouldn’t hurt the pages) and allow guest to look through the book and sign at their leisure throughout the course of the party.

Shutterfly Photo Books

I used Shutterfly’s ACB layout and theme for this book, which worked out really great as each letter of the alphabet represented a different family member. Like “A is for Aunt Amy.” There were a couple of letter that had multiple family members so I got creative with letters that didn’t have a family member and wrote “I is for Ice Cream which Cousin Susie likes to eat.” Shutterfly’s ACB layout worked great for this project because they had cute images and icons for each letter. All I had to do was drop in the pictures and write the captions on each page.

Shutterfly Photo Books

Overall I think our guests really enjoyed this book and coming up with cleaver sayings to write to the new bundle of joy. And now the baby can get better acquainted with it’s family through this book and even get to know those members who live further away.

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