Ceramic Photo Mugs as Birth Announcements

If you are anything like me you wake up and run, not walk, to the coffee pot. My favorite coffee mugs are the ceramic photo mugs I have made through Shutterfly. They feature pictures of my daughter and instantly brighten my morning. I have one black mug with all black and white pictures and one white mug with a color photo and her birth stats.


I have made ceramic mugs through other sites, but the quality is nowhere near that of Shutterfly’s. I have family members that were so impressed with them that I made them mugs through Shutterfly featuring our daughter as well. It is nice to wake up and walk down memory lane through the pictures on the mugs.

My experience using Shutterfly to make the mugs has been exceptional. The templates are easy to use and edit and also have several options to choose from- mug size (in ounces), mug color, etc. For a few dollars more you can even add Ghirardelli Chocolates to them to make them a complete gift! I love this option because I can add it and have the mug shipped directly to the mug’s recipient.


If you prefer to travel with your coffee, Shutterfly also has the option to make stainless steel and acrylic travel mugs, both with lids. As you can tell, there is an option for whatever kind of coffee drinker you are. So, look at the different templates and have fun making a mug that you and/or a friend or family member will cherish each morning!

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