When Daddy is in Charge

by Petia Mitchell Posted on June 13, 2013

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A couple of years ago, the new economic reality dictated that my husband becomes a SAHD (stay at home dad). Daddy-hood was not easy at first. It got easier with time.

Being who I am, I was always a little jealous of all the time my kids get to spend with their dad instead of me, and also always wondered what really goes on when daddy is in charge… I had the chance to ‘peek in’ a couple of weeks ago, and this is what I saw:

1. When daddy is in charge, a seemingly ordinary everyday school pickup becomes the time to share schoolyard stories, struggles & triumphs.

Happy Father's Day

2. When daddy is in charge, shoulder rides are the norm.

Happy Father's Day

3. When daddy is in charge, flying kites on a windy day after school is not out of the question.

Happy Father's Day

4. When daddy is in charge, after school snacks are home made & yummy.

Happy Father's Day

5. When daddy is in charge, discussing how a Lima bean grows is the stuff of life.

Happy Father's Day

6. When daddy is in charge, HE IS the jungle gym.

Happy Father's Day

7. When daddy is in charge, reading Beauty & the Beast while wearing princess tiaras is totally normal, and in fact essential.

Happy Father's Day

8. When daddy is in charge, brushing hair with utmost care & patience is required.

Happy Father's Day

9. When daddy is in charge, watching cartoons piled up on the bed is such a daddy thing to do!!!

Happy Father's Day

10. When daddy is in charge, his hand is always available to hold (and always will be).

Happy Father's Day

I can’t help but think how fortunate our kids are to have Daddy be in charge every day.


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