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E's Prague, Vienna for Christmas 2006 021

Have you thought of taking pictures of some of your favorite foods?  When eating we often praise the “presentation” and our foods seem to taste much better because of it.  As in so many other areas, taking photos of some of our meals will give us wonderful memories as we remember food in this way.  I want to start this post by showing you some of the varieties of pretzels that are sold in Vienna, Austria.  Notice they are called “Brezels”.

Copy of E's Benelux in April, May 2005 176-1

Before getting into our main meal, how about sharing mussels with friends and family?  This restaurant in Belgium fixed about two dozen varieties.  It was noisy what with tossing the shells into included buckets. What fun.

2010  D to Crystal Park in July 017

E to Warsaw in August 2012 251

E's BBP Trip 058

In my travels, I find pizza as popular in Europe as it is in our country.  These photos show pizza in Oporto, Portugal, then in Warsaw, and then in Budapest, Hungary. All were different, but so good.

E to Apalachicola in February 2013 068

E to Warsaw in August 2012 312

E to Warsaw in August 2012 313

Of all the eateries in Apalachicola, Florida, the “Up the Creek Raw Bar” received the most recommendations and my wife and I were anxious to check it out for our main meal a couple of months ago.  I had three conch patties with lime sauce and a trip to the salad bar while Diane had an alligator burger with sweet potatoes in Tupelo Honey.  While watching oyster traffic on the Apalachicola River, we washed our food down with a Scharffenberger sparkling wine from California.

E to Warsaw in August 2012 314

At the “Restauracja pod Samsonem” in New Town Warsaw, we ordered and ate as the locals do.  First meal is pork with Russian pancake and mushrooms, next is pork with pig’s foot, cabbage and rice, and last is vegetarian with rice, cabbage and groates. We added a crisp, white wine from Israel.

Copy of D to Chicago and Warsaw in May 2011 260

I’ve visited Poland often in recent years and was surprised to find that the Poles are big fans of Italian foods.  Here’s a wonderful combination of pasta and seafood that tastes so fine with their local beer.

Magical trip to Vienna and Prague 085

Magical trip to Vienna and Prague 087

It’s about time to be thinking of desert and hand-decorated cookies might be a tasty option if you are in the Czech Republic.  This girl is so intent on decorating her cookies, in a holiday cerebration in Castle Kriviklat, that she was never aware of me taking pictures of her.  Oh, these special cookies cost about $.30 each.

D's Prague, Vienna for Christmas 2006 061

We return to Vienna, Austria for our next dessert and last look at foods by having coffee and apple strudel at the “Cafe Schottenring”.

I hope these examples will encourage you to take some “food photos” and, like all photography, they will give you such great memories.

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