Shutterfly Gallery’s Best Dressed Babes

I am a total sucker for kids clothes. Girls or boys. I love shopping for holidays, birthdays, photo shoots, or any other reason to buy a child a new outfit. I also tend to buy Brayden too many clothes but that is a story for another time. The Christmas season is here which means I’ ve got tons of photo opportunities. So I set out to see what other children were wearing around the Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery.

Bennet is adorable in his stripes.

Nine month old twins Gianna and Stephen in their sailor outfits stole my heart!

Little one year old Nina is a supermodel during her photo shoot and I love her green coat. She’s dressed so cute and casual at the same time and her outfit seems like it matches her personality!

I love the “style” of this boy. I think I’m going to try for something similar this year with Brayden’s Santa visit. Adorable.

This one is just too cute! That hat is priceless on that beautiful face and what a fun picture for a Holiday card!

This one may be a little biased but the lil guy is stylin’… maybe because he’s mine. This was Brayden’s one year photo shoot and at the time, I thought he was dressed too “old”. Looking back, now I just adore his sport coat and fancy shoes! I cannot wait to dress him up for all the events in the next month!

There are so many adorable books and family photos in Gallery, but I suppose these just define my taste… colors, sweaters, hats and collars.


  1. Joey says

    What a great article Tiffany! Of course I think Brayden is always styln’! It is fun to buy kid clothes. I just oooo and ahhh when I buy for my nieces and nephews. Abby loves to dress up with little cardigans and skirts with tights under, and Miss Madeline who is almost 3 loves to shop and look at all the pretty clothes. Now I want to get the girls clothes for Christmas instead of toys which was their mother’s choice! My nephew Jack (9) always wears cool jeans and shirts. He is in a Boys Choir and he’s so adorable in his red bow-tie and cumberbun (sp?) David who is 14 loves jeans and rocker t-shirts.
    Of course for my picture with the kids, i wanted them all to kind of match – but we had no time – so I went with what I got.
    I like the girl in the hat – super cute and great shot.
    Brayden should be in commercials or ads!

  2. says

    If you are on a budget, I find if you pick on special accessory, it can really make the photograph too. I have used sunglasses, snow hats, big chunky necklaces, baseball caps and anything the kids find cool.

  3. says

    I’m a sucker for cute girl clothes, I have found myself buying clothes specifically for taking pictures :) Kyleigh has so many clothes as a result :)

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