Organizing Your Photos on Shutterfly

How do you organize pictures on Shutterfly? Personally, I organize them in folders by topic- school, baby, events, etc. Then, I add subfolders with more specific details- Baby Birth to One Month, End of Year School Party, Easter Weekend 2013, etc. The way that Shutterfly has albums set up is extremely easy to use and navigate. When I have gathered all the pictures for a particular event, I upload them into a folder and they are there waiting for me to make my photo books, prints/enlargements, coffee mugs, calendars, etc.


To get started- I take so many pictures that I usually start the upload and walk away; checking in on the upload every 20-30 minutes. If I have time to sit down and start one of the projects I would like to make, I can. If not, the pictures are forever saved in my albums. I love using this type of photo storage and I know it’s safe and secure. I also appreciate that there are options to- view, rename, move to, copy to, and delete folders.

Folder Edit Options

Another reason I love the photo storage on the Shutterfly website is that it is extremely easy to share albums, individual photos, project, etc when family and friends want pictures/projects that I have. The “Share” button on the upper right hand of the albums page allows you to create a share site and/or email selected photos to others. This option has proved extremely helpful after a momentous occasion such as my baby’s first birthday, Christmas, etc. I even have an address book set up to where I don’t have to type in or remember email address, home addresses, etc.


I do not think there could be an easier way to upload, store, or share my photos and as a mom of a busy toddler and another baby on the way, this makes me extremely happy and saves me a ton of time. I currently have about 40 folders in my albums page and with the titles I have labeled on each, it is a cinch to locate exactly what I am looking for without wasting any time.

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