Top 10 Instagram Photos to Take Before Summer’s Over

The vacation shots are standard fare, but some of the best summer photos are of the little moments with the kids. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The Cautious Toe Dip


It may take some time to warm up to the water. Their slow approach makes a super-cute shot.

2. The Backseat Nap


There’s no better way to capture a long day of summer fun.

3. The Oversized Shades


Sum up summer with a shot of your little one in sunglasses that don’t quite fit.

4. Sprinkler Fun


Nothing beats a cool sprinkler on a hot day. Capture it with a cute pic.

5. The Star Athlete


Remember their little moments of glory with a few sporty shots.

6. King of the World


It’s a proven fact that one mini life jacket exponentially ups their adorableness.

7. Forever Friends


A shot of them with a summer playmate (or big sister) is an instant hit, especially if they’re not even looking.

8. The Messy Eater


Take a shot of them eating their favorite summer food (the messier, the better).

9. The Old Man and the Sea


Nothing is funnier than a little kid in a big chair (especially with the addition of a preppy hat).

10. On the Swings


When it comes down to it, it’s still their favorite pastime. Capture them mid-swing for a too-cute-for-words shot.

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