Many cameras, one Holiday

If you’re like me and have family and friends all over the map, you probably find it difficult to share the holidays with everyone on your list. No need for all those airline miles though, because I’ve just discovered a simple stay-in-touch tip. It’s called “Many cameras, one holiday”, and it’s all about bringing you and your loved ones together – no travel required. Here’s how it works.

I create a Holiday Share site…something like this…(takes just minutes by the way)

I invite friends and family to become members of my new Holiday Share site – like this (again, takes just minutes)

I ask them to share their holidays with me by posting pictures, comments, and even videos to the Holiday Share site. I post some of my own to get them started.

Now my friends and family near and far can join together for the holidays. And what’s really cool, is that my holiday Share site will create a ready-made photo book featuring everyone’s posted images (which I can see at checkout if I order the prints).

I have to confess that I got this idea from Shutterfly Member Joey-T, who has a great share site called Joey’s Memories. Joey’s my stay-in-touch hero, because she does a great job of connecting with far away friends and family through her Share site. She welcomes visitors, so check out her site for inspiration.

How do you and your far away friends and family stay connected during the holidays? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    Wow, Rcahel, I didn’t know my Holiday page is what inspired you to do one too. Cool!
    When I first started to read your article, i thought what a neat idea and I need to change my background to a holiday one. I was also admiring your photos in the header.

    Since I’m the only one who takes photos and does anything with them, any new ones will be ones that I have taken. I enjoy it though because then they are all on my camera!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Great idea and as more and more family members are using the internet this is perfect for sharing fun times all year. Love it and I think I will try it. Hi Joey I love your site. bj

  3. says

    I think this a great idea to share Christmas around the country. Now I have to get my family to be as crazy about taking photos as I am. But what is great about this idea is that you can order and make books with the photos posted to the share site. Make them for yourself or surprise all of the others for this years Christmas present or next years. Great idea Joey…and Rachel!

  4. says

    Christmas is my favorite!! The share sites are a wonderful to share the spirit of the season!! Thru the share site and sharing pictures from my account my family and friends can order and save photobooks or pictures straight to their accounts and order what they want. They can also contribute to the share site and share back to me. Love the article Rachel and Joey your site rocks, too fun :)

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