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This year when we received the brochure of various photos we could buy, the photo company included “premium” add-ons like water bottles, nametags, mousepads and more.  Can you guess what happened? Let me walk you through the scenario…

A.  Rushed and basic pictures are taken.
B. Brochure is given TO THE KID.
C. Said kid sees cool pictures of “premium” add-ons.
D. “Mom!!  These are really cool!  Can I get one?”
E.  “How much are they?”  OH.  ummmmmmmm……..
F.  Let me check *Shutterfly.

tball water bottle amy renea shutterfly

Well.  See that water bottle above?  It was NOT a premium add-on. You know why?  Because there are MULTIPLE photos of my child, doing tball things the way HE does them and even a few of him IN A GAME. THIS water bottle was CHEAPER than the “premium” add-on from the photo company.  (Thank you Shutterfly!)

Don’t be afraid to take your own photos! You can do this!

Here are some basic tips on taking photos of your crazy kids for beginners!

Of course, once I got started looking around the Shutterfly site, I really wanted to shock my little tball player with MORE than just that water bottle he so desperately wanted.  I decided to give him a little double take…

decal in bw amy renea shutterfly

That is my son.  ON THE WALL.  Almost life-sized. The premium add-ons don’t even offer that….but Shutterfly does!

Walk up the stairs to our kid’s loft/play area and front in center there is a little TBALL player running to second base. Cool, eh? I think he likes it…and I think his brother might want one )

decal steps amy renea shutterfly
kid pics of decal amy renea shutterfly

This particular vinyl decal is the mid-size, but you can go up another size for even MORE impact!

tball photo gifts amy renea shutterfly

All in all, I decided to order a bunch of cheap prints of our tball photo-session, the “supercool” water bottle my son so desired, that awesome full size wall decal and a luggage tag for him to hang off his backpack.

luggage tag amy renea shutterfly

make it better small

What would your little Tball player rather have than 50 wallet sized photos of the same pose?
(P.S. If you do want 50 wallet-sized photos of the same pose Shutterfly can do that too! Just cheaper.)

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