New Shutterfly iPad Cases

Searching for the perfect case for new electronic gadgets can be a struggle. Often they have the color scheme you want, but rarely can you customize one with your favorite photos and designs. Shutterfly has made it easy by offering a new line of iPad case designs that allows you to protect while reliving special memories on-the-go. Whether you prefer a red or black folio, Shutterfly has made it simple and easy and protects both the front and back of your iPad for full coverage. These cases fit all iPad versions except for the iPad mini.

Filmstrip Fun- Integrate the traditional filmstrip design with the high quality features of the iPad photo and film capabilities. This case design allows you to put an old-school twist on your modern day photos. Whether the photos represent your inspiration, favorite things, or loved ones, its black and white design will add a nice contrast to the colorful memories that make you ‘’


Collage Squares- Instagram is the one and only source for the amateur photographer in all of us. Its wide range of filters has changed the face of photo editing with its simple ease-of-use. Not only do your Instagram photos look great on mobile and tablet screens, it also looks stunning in a custom collage design. Aside from the reinforced spine offered on all our iPad case designs, the collage squares add a fun, and exciting touch to your cover. Whether you want to display your travel adventures or furry friend, personalizing the square is an exciting process itself.


Photo Gallery-This custom design lets you stick with one photo that you treasure most. Customize it with personal text ranging from a simple inspirational word, a funny caption, or family name. This cover creates a lasting impression all in one.


Gallery Monogram- This sleek letter motif is the main focus of your iPad case. Choose your favorite photos to border its edges and create a unique look that anyone would be jealous of. Square and vertical photos offer a different layout to match any design feel while still adding a unique touch to your gadget’s case. Avoid confusing your expensive tablet with someone else’s with this polished initial look.


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