Photo Magnets

Taking photos is my way to stay connected and remember special moments and everyday moments that turn special later. I don’t always have time to scrapbook everything or frame the photos I have.

I am loving the magnet idea! I love being able to create magnets in a variety of sizes or themes to swap out on my fridge. Many I like keeping up year round, but now I have a few to rotate…..of course I’m always adding more.

I took these photos of my son and nephew earlier this year. I wanted to create a photo booth strip look and even created a life size photo booth strip for my wall. I couldn’t resist in having a set of magnets of these adorable shots.

photo magnets

Your refrigerator isn’t magnetic? No worries……now you have a reason to create something fun like a cookie sheet magnet board.

Having fresh photos is fun. Fun for you, fun for your family and fun for anyone visiting your home. Keeping fresh and updated photos around only reminds to keep taking them! I know that when my family sees all the creative things I do with photos, they are more willing to put up with my camera toting on ordinary days. My son is often heard saying “Mom……you’re gonna want a shot of this”. Now that’s what I called trained!

We recently took a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park with my sister and her family. It was a once in a lifetime event where all the kids would be together before one heads off to college.

Photo Magnets

We had 5 teens with us that kept us moving! We created so many fun memories and I knew they would be perfect to transfer many right onto magnets! Being able to add a caption made it very handy to add details to remember. I plan on ordering my sister a set too.

I love having enough magnets to create a design. My goal is to have enough to create a monogram!

Photo Magnets

I took all the Yellowstone photos with my iphone, uploaded easily to Shutterfly. I chose whatever size I wanted to create a variety. This project couldn’t have been easier!

Isn’t it time to gather your Summer memories and make them stick?

These will make great gifts!

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