Wood Wall Art

Wood Photo Wall Art

Decorating a new (or any) home can be a challenge, but photos make it lots of fun. My master bedroom has been struggling for a while. It has been last on my list. I’ve had some extra time on my hands and have jumped right into decorating, with wood wall art accents.

Wood Photo Wall Art

I have been in love with wood grain textures. Staining has been a fun way for me to create projects to decorate my master bedroom. I’ve made a herringbone pallet board and a mini ladder picture frame. Even with all that beautiful wood, it was still missing something special. My adorable family photos would look great on wood wall mounted art piece. I chose photos with lighter backgrounds to allow the wood grain to shine through and enhance photos. It turned out beautiful. Well worth it to add such a unique and personalized wood home décor piece.

Wood Photo Wall Art

Combing the different forms of wood art create a fun wall collage. Choosing photos with lighter areas highlight the wood grain. I love how the wood grain in the photos and in the pallet art complements each other.

Wood Photo Wall Art

My DIY projects helped to include some photos of the whole family without stealing the show from the wood photo collage. On the mini ladder frame, I added small photos of the entire family, but this room is really about my husband and me. The wood wall art accentuates and sets the tone for our master bedroom.

Wood Photo Wall Art

Choose from collages, monograms, photos with personalized messages and a variety of sizes. Wood wall art would look beautiful with scenery photos. Plus, it was easy to hang. My husband (who is not very much a handyman) was super impressed at the ease in hanging the piece.

The wood wall art pieces would look great on a decorative easel on a mantel or on an entry table. They would even make a great gift. Personalized photo gifts are always a hit.

Wood Wall Art 6

Every morning I wake up and look over at my beautiful wood wall mounted art and feel more at home in my newly decorated master bedroom.

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