Photo books make fun gifts for kids

by Jessi Weithman Posted on December 04, 2009

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Looking for a unique, fun gift for your kids this year that doesn’t involve lines at the toy store? I think a photo book would be perfect!

Just last week I pulled together an ABC inspired book for my son. The book will be a great way for him to learn about the alphabet, and will have a place wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.

Over the past year, in addition to taking oodles of pictures of my boys, I have worked to record some of the details of their lives as well. I have grabbed images of the owls that Levi sleeps with each night, the shoes he insisted on wearing all summer long, the dinosaurs that he dresses up in his underwear and the toad that we found on a walk around the block. While I wasn’t sure how I would use the images when I snapped them, I found the perfect use for them while tackling holiday shopping at the same time by creating Levi’s Book of Alphabet Fun. This book is a story for Levi, but also documents the details of his life at age three.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating a book for, and not just about, your little one. Similar to the one I created, you can take pictures of his favorite things to create a concept ABC, 123 or color book. Make one that features all the people that love him for a Guess Who Loves Baby book, like Michelle’s Who Loves Alyssa Book. Snap pictures of all of his favorite places for a Baby On the Go book. The gallery is filled with great ideas too.

Be sure to include him in the creation of the book too. I was stuck on X for the longest time, but Levi kept telling me that X was for t-reX, so I found a way to make it work out just for him.

Okay, I’m off to think up a book for Levi’s little brother Mack. Have fun shopping!

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  1. Earl J Says:

    Wonderfully done — I think these books would be best-sellers if published.

  2. AnnAbbott Says:

    Making books for kids is a super idea. You can do so many things to make such a special personal book everything from a story about their favorite toy to a special trip to the zoo or photos from there pirate birthday party. In addition, of course you can always make the book a learning tool too!

  3. curicogirl Says:

    Hey Jessi! Love your ABC book! And it is a great idea as a gift. I made a book for my niece and nephew from our disneyland adventures from last summer and they both loved them so much. Great article!

  4. shannonr Says:

    NIce idea, our son loved our Jeep and he has his own little fisher price drive around jeep. For Christmas I put together a photobook of his jeep and his dad’s jeep. He loves looking at it all the time and is even more proud that the book is all his and we aren’t constantly telling him to be careful with the pages.

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