Personalized 1st Day of School Photo Ideas

by Jessica G Posted on August 13, 2013

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Who’s ready to go back-to-school? It’s an exciting time of year for kids, as well as parents, and provides a great childhood photo opportunity. We have five fun ideas to create memorable photos of your child’s first day of school.

Back to School Photo Ideas

1. Whether they’re holding it in their hands or posing in front of one, signs are a cute and easy way to show the date, which grade they’re entering, etc. and make perfect photo props. (Image courtesy of Adventures of Bradysitting)

Back to School Photo Ideas

2. A special first day of school outfit, like a personalized school-themed tee, is ideal to wear. They can also wear it on their last day of school for a separate photo opp to compare the fit as well as other changes. (personalized tees from Petite Lemon)

Back to School Photo Ideas

3. Record child’s height and pose them in front of their personalized growth chart for a photo on the 1st day of school. It will be fun to compare how many inches they’ve grown school year to school year. (personalized growth charts from Petite Lemon)

Back to School Photo Ideas

4. Another way to show changes in their appearance (hair cut/length, clothing style, etc) is to have the child hold a picture of them from the previous year. (Image courtesy of Babble)

Back to School Photo Ideas

5. Have your child pose in the same way year to year, and if possible, in the same location. This creates consistency in photos and becomes a timeline of their life, as well as a tradition they’ll grow to love and expect with the start of each new school year. (Image courtesy of Lifes Collections)

What are some of your favorite photo ideas for the first day of school?


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