Sugar Creates Photography Magic

Toddlers are busy little people. Feet move fast, attention spans are short and tantrums are typically a heartbeat away. Capturing a busy toddler in images can be a huge challenge. Before you run off and buy a pair of Velcro pants, I have a yummy, more proven solution to share.  Nothing stops a toddler in her tracks faster than an oversized, very sugary lollipop!

When I pull a lollipop out of my camera bag towards the end of a family session, smiles instantly emerge.  Do grab a picture of your little one reaching up for the sugary treat in anticipation. Once the wrapper comes off, you’ll have at least five minutes to grab some fun images while your little one sits and intakes sugary goodness.

Bring along some wet wipes to clean up the sticky face and fingers, but don’t’ forget that a quick photograph of the aftermath is a must. . Little faces covered in sugar are oh-so cute.


  1. says

    Oh yes, the lollypop! You can lose here with the sticky face and all. I got some great black and white shots of my son at about 18 months old with a Popsicle! It is so fun to catch the short people in the middle of enjoying one of the along time childhood favorites. Ohhh…how about cotton candy… I am going to have to try that idea soon.

  2. Joey says

    Great ideas Jessi. I’ll have to start carrying big lollipops in my bag to keep my 3 year old niece interested. My sister would probably kill me if I pulled out a big sucker, but sometimes one has to do whatever one can do to get kids attention. Cotton candy would be hilarious!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    OK Jessi, I tried this Saturday!. We had our children and grandkids up for Christmas. I have a precious shot with purple pop on their mouth. Love it!

  4. Rodneysmom says

    Can you give suggestions on where to find the oversized lollipops? I’d love to get some photos of my son with these, but I’ve never found them. Thanks for the great tip and suggestions!

  5. Jessi Weithman says

    Looking for lollipops? Try gift shops… hospital gift shops, zoo gift shops or houseware gift shops. The other place to check is mall candy specialty stores. You can also order direct from online sites, but these usually require bulk purchases. This time of year I’ve even found cute heart shaped ones.

  6. TonetteB says

    I agree the lollipop does the trick to keep little ones still! Kids with messy sugary faces are so adorable! :)

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