Shutterfly Framed Canvas Prints

Recently my husband turned our spare room into my photography office. My new office was now a wonderful place to display my favorite photographs. I knew right away I needed a Shutterfly canvas for my wall.

My first task was to decide the image and size. I thought one 20×40 traditional canvas would be big enough. I mean it it sounded huge! My Shutterfly canvas arrived and was beyond beautiful. The colors were vivid and bright, the canvas was tightly wrapped and ready to hang.

After hanging the canvas I thought it looked so small in comparison to the wall. I wasn’t terribly upset though. Yes, you guessed it. I ordered another traditional 20×40 canvas. Then I remembered the unspoken rule of decorating (which goes along with planting flowers).

Rule one: Decorate Using an Odd Number!

Choosing an odd number of prints helps to create a symmetrical design. Plus with this being a large horizontal wall it was important the artwork was balanced to fit the size of the wall. In most rooms, one large canvas is big enough to cover the wall. However, if a single print is not large enough for a big wall, or you enjoy the look of multiple prints on a wall, choose 3 or 5 medium or small-sized prints to hang.

Again, not terribly upset to order number three. When looking for my third canvas I wanted something a bit different from the first two. Shutterfly just released a new “framed canvas”. I thought my third canvas would look perfect with a black frame. I hung my “framed” canvas and just breathed a sigh of relief. The size was perfect. The scale was perfect. My wall was perfect! What do you think?

Framed Canvas Prints

I almost forgot to mention my Shutterfly blanket. Take a look at the blanket on my couch. Shutterfly has made it so easy to upload your favorite image and make a photo blanket. In my blanket I designed my image in photoshop using my favorite background which matches my room. I receive so many compliments on its beauty and durability.

Framed Canvas Prints

Ok, I will stop talking so you can head over to Shutterfly’s home decor area. It’s time to get your favorite images off your computer and on your walls!

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