Five Frightening Filters for Instagram

When it comes to adding a spooky touch to your Halloween festivities, Instagram has got you covered. Here are our five favorite frightening filters to make your photo experience more scary and fun.

5. Hudson

The Hudson filter puts a little chill in the air with blue hues and a slight fading effect. It is perfect for outdoor photos like bare trees, scattered leaves and old buildings. This filter will immediately give your images an icy look by altering the light in the photo. You’ll be feeling chills in more ways than one.

Hudson Instagram Filter

4. Earlybird

Your little one is ready to head out the door for a night of trick-or-treating festivities. Before your photos get lost in darkness of the night, use the Earlybird filter for a faded photo look with vignette edges and sepia tinting. It turns the warmest photos into dramatic, vintage creations that could have been found in a creepy attic.

EarlyBird Instagram Filter

3. Brannan

Give your photos a rich, weathered look with Brannan. Darken the deep colors and soften the neutrals with this filter and take your pictures back to the 19th century. This filter will add ominous shadows on any photo, from scenery to haunted houses. Brannan also gives your photos a ‘classic look’ using its metallic tint that is reminiscent of film photography.

Brannan Instagram Filter

2. Valencia

Valencia is a throwback to Polaroid photography with the warm, yet faded quality it adds. Whether you’re photographing that scary zombie couple at the neighbor’s Halloween party or an abandoned cabin, this filter will never wash out colors completely, but still adds fright. If Nancy Drew had Instagram, this would be her favorite filter.

Valencia Instagram Filter

1. Sutro

The number one most frightening filter for ‘Halloween pre-party pictures’ is Sutro. Whether you’re dressed as a scary vampire or makeshift ghost with a bed sheet draped over your body, this filter will bring dark shadows, and gloomy borders to the frame, creating an eerily, sinister look to your photo and costume.

Sutro Instagram Filter
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Next time you’re scrambling for your smartphone with candy in one hand and your little princess in the other, leave it up to these filters to do the scaring.

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