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Baby Stationery Collection

Posted By Amy Renea On October 24, 2013 @ 4:58 pm In Family | No Comments


First off…is anybody not super happy when they see an orange box show up at the doorstep?

First things first — COLOR. I went a step further with my stationery collection and designed it to match the nursery I had already created. The colors? Bronze, copper, peach and lightest pink.

The next choice was the official announcement. You might notice that the announcement [2] is actually in a light blue, but check out that floral motif. It has ALL my colors from the nursery and ties in the blue. Perfect.

The next choice was the basic stationery. I wanted something to be able to write thank you notes [3] on for baby gifts as well as just letters attached to the announcements. A generic stationery was the key. Note the lightest pink color of the stationery that connects to the nursery AND the announcement. Also note the amount of open space in the design vs. the tightness of the other pieces.

Next, there are the labels (see above). The labels [4] were really important in this case because they reinforced the darker orange/bronze/pink tones in the collection as well as offering a very tight lined design vs. the looser floral in the announcement. Without the labels, the collection would have been a little too loose, but the labels tighten everything right up and ground the color scheme from going too light pink.

The next step? The baby book!

Notice how all the colors correlate well from the baby book to the stationery collection. Shutterfly has the perfect pink AND light peach/coral that look great next to each other.

You might also notice how the coral looks against the black and white photos. I was able to bring in the black and white thanks to the Happy Thoughts grey print on the blank cards as well as the black and white photo on the announcement.

So remember, start with your main design and draw out a main color, concentration of color, design motifs and spacial contrast to create a cohesive, coordinated stationery collection! Click here [5] to see nursery that inspired the collection?

Interested in taking a peek inside the baby book? Here you go…click here [6].


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