Holiday Design Stationery Collection

Did you know that Shutterfly has collections of designs so that you can coordinate everything from stationery to wedding announcements to gift stickers and more? However, if you do not want a matchy-matchy collection, but still want to coordinate say your Christmas cards with your Christmas address labels, Shutterfly can help! I am going to let you in on a few tricks and strategies for creating a cohesive collection today. Ready to jump right in?

First things first, you will want to choose your Christmas card, your main piece of paper art. You will be creating your collection around this first choice, so make it a good one! Take this fun Christmas card with the striking red monogram in the center.

Christmas Card Shutterfly

Tree Monogram 4×8 flat holiday card

This red monogrammed holiday sticker coordinates perfectly without being an exact match. These would be great to seal the outside of the envelopes, don’t you think?

Monogram Holiday Stickers

Simple Monogram Holiday Stickers

Of course, you could go a little less literal and try a fun design to complement your card like this zig-zag chevron style.

Red Chevron Stickers

With Love Chevron Holiday Stickers

So by now you might be asking how long it took to find those stickers that matched the card, right? It is simple, really. When you are looking at a product on Shutterfly, if you scroll down you will see a section that says “you might also like.’ That is your goldmine.

Matching Stationery - Gift Tags

Shutterfly will automatically pull up items that are in the same design collection as well as complimentary designs to your choices. Here are my guidelines for choosing a collection that will look good together without looking staged and without committing matching overkill.

  1. Color is the easiest connection to make from one piece to another, so try to pick one color that threads its way through several of your product choices. It helps to pick out your first piece with a small colored design so you have several main color choices to choose from. (See floral example below)
  2. Concentration of Color. Once you have decided on a color, think about the way that color is used. Is it used in one bold swath like the red in the Christmas cards above? Whichever it is stick with that weight of color use when you are picking out complementary pieces.
  3. Design Motifs. You do not need the same exact design to travel from card to envelope to label and back again. You just need the idea of a design motif to connect them.
  4. Space Contrast. When creating your collection, think about creating a mix of print heavy designs vs. open space designs. Open space allows the eye to breathe while tightly designed prints bring excitement to the collection. 1 or 2 of each makes a balanced collection.

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