Simple Tips for Taking Great Photos With Your Phone

Today I’d like to share some tips for taking a great self-portrait written by Thor from Thor Swift Studio.

The cameras on most people’s phones are amazing. The recording media keeps getting better, for their size and price the optics are great.

However, the basic concepts of photography have not changed just because the technology of the recording media has. Here are a few simple tips to get the best self-shot photos out of that camera phone in your pocket.

  1. DO NOT HOLD THE CAMERA AT ARMS LENGTH AND POINT IT AT YOURSELF. There is almost no way this will look good. If there is no one else able to take the photo for you, put the camera on auto-timer and place it on stable surface to take the photo.
  2. Be careful of the angle of the photograph. It is rarely flattering to be photographed from a low angle. Instead have the camera slightly higher than your eye level and look up. Get to know what angles you look best from, try tilting your head to the left or right a bit, turn slightly away from the camera and look back at it.
  3. Mirror shots can be interesting, but try to keep the camera away from your face if possible. Also avoid the outstretched arms to hold the camera or other un-natural poses when taking photos in a mirror.
  4. Stand up straight and tall. Many people will slump and look down in photos. Keep those chins up.
  5. Turn off your auto flash if at all possible. The light created by on camera flashes is very unattractive. Phone cameras can be hand-held at pretty slow shutter speeds because they are not as heavy and do not have the same mirror mechanism as SLR cameras. Get closer to the light source in the room, or turn on more lights if you can. Even if you must use the on-camera flash, the more ambient light in the setting will help cancel out some of the undesired effects of the flash.

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