Holiday Card Photography

As the holiday season approaches, we asked some of our favorite bloggers the question, What kind of photo would you prefer to use on your holiday card, and why? Here are the answers from Jennifer, Amy, Whitney, and Melissa!


Holiday Family Photo

If you have met me, or even just read my blog, you would know one fact: I love photos. Pictures are the memories in life that we can cherish and share for all times. Every year I send out Holiday Cards to my friends and family and a few years ago I began sending out photo holiday cards. Not only are they personalized, but how sweet is it to open up and see your loved ones smiling faces? I’ve done things a little different every year. A couple years ago we sent out picture cards from a professional photo shoot. Last year we just uploaded the latest one we had of our family from my cell phone. It worked just as well and saved us some money.

I love having our family match together in some way, but not too perfect. Everyone needs to still be allowed their own styles. I like to find a color to use and then let everyone accessorize with it in their own way. If you are using a photo that’s already been taken and it isn’t holiday enough for you, make it black and white. That allows you to have a lot more freedom when designing your cards. Whatever the style and feel for you Holiday cards, personalizing them is fun and a great way to show your loved ones you care!

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Holiday Family Photo

I would prefer to use a photo that either myself or my husband has taken. I enjoy my hobby as a photographer and sometimes even my husband takes better photos that I could. I love simple photos with a single subject, and love black and white images. There is something classic and timeless about them.

The image that I included is one used for our pregnancy announcement (just recently). I tried so hard to get my dog to sit still and the one time I threw her treats down on the ground, she immediately went into “pout”-mode and I got this image. It was perfect and un-planned, making it my most favorite photo I captured that day.

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Holiday Family Photo

As a child, I always hated getting my picture taken in both casual and formal settings. As an adult, I’m now the one in charge of orchestrating the photographs for our holiday cards. For our holiday or special occasion cards, we have always used a casual setting. Some of our holiday cards consisted of photos we took outside surrounded by fall foliage or snow. Some cards consisted of candid moments captured spontaneously, and one year we took photos with our pets.

After our son was born, we considered using a more formal setting for our holiday cards. But I wanted a card that would capture who we were. And in most circumstances, we always have as smart phone with us to snap candid photos and memories. So instead of using a more formal setting, we decided to make a collage of several snapshots capturing funny or special moments. One of the most difficult tasks was narrowing down which photos that we would use. To me, using casual personal photos has been a success for our family because it makes it real and memorable.

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Holiday Family Photo

Holiday photos have always stressed me out. I love the idea of them, and I admire the beautifully posed and color coordinated shots that I find tucked in Christmas cards and perched on holiday mantles, but I’m not talented or patient enough to attempt such a thing with my crew. Besides, juggling everyone’s schedules so we could all be at our photogenic best at the same time is no easy feat. There’s a reason that we’ve only had one formal family portrait done in the past 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, I take photos all the time. I know how important it is to capture the moments that become family memories, and know how important it is to stay connected with long distance friends and family through photos.

So instead, we choose the casual alternative, taking advantage of any opportunity that presents itself for a group photo. We don’t have matching sweaters or perfect hair, and the lighting and background may be less than ideal, but we’re together. And we’re preserving a moment. And we’re sharing it with our loved ones. In the end, that’s what really matters.

I’m Jenn, and I blog at Jenn’s Random Scraps. I’m Mom to six amazing kids and married to my best friend. Many things capture my interest and I love, in no particular order, taking photos, cooking a great meal for my family, drinking coffee, staying up late reading, being a hockey and soccer mama, fresh linens, snow days, a clean kitchen, vanilla scented candles, scrapbooking, long lazy days at the beach, and finding the magic in everyday things.

How about you? Do you prefer to use spontaneous, casual family pictures, or carefully planned professional photos? Are your holiday photos black and white, or colorful? Let us know in the comments!

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