Thanksgiving Blessing Board

Hello, I’m Kirsten from One Tough Mother.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is the time of year where we usually begin to think about our blessings, things for which we are thankful.  With the help of Shutterfly and their gorgeous ornaments, you can add a visual reminder of your blessings to your home!

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments don’t have to be reserved exclusively for our Christmas trees! I’ve created a Blessing Board that my family can enjoy year after year.

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

To create a Blessing Board at home, you can decorate a wooden board, like I did, or simply use a mirror or large photo frame.  Then select a few of your favorite photos and add them to any of a variety of Shutterfly ornaments.

For my blessing board, I chose four styles of ornaments – Classic Stripes rectangle, Wonderful Year rectangle, Glitter Monogram square, and Vacation Memories square

Because the ornaments are double-sided, I was able to truly capture the blessings in so many favorite photos, and put them all on each ornament!  The photo quality when printed on metal is crystal clear and vibrant.  The ornaments are packaged in a silver cinch sack, which would make them easy to give as gifts, too!

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

After you have created your unique photo ornaments and found the perfect place to hang them, just grab a few Command hooks to attach to the back of your frame, mirror, or board, and hang each ornament from the hooks.

Because Command hooks can be easily removed, you can move them around and add to your Blessing Board year after year! Create a new tradition by adding a new ornament to your Blessing Board showcasing blessings from throughout your year.

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

A Blessing Board using Shutterfly ornaments is the perfect visual reminder of all the many things for which we are thankful. And after Thanksgiving is over, simply hang them on your Christmas tree to enjoy into the new year!

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

So, count your blessings, them make them into ornaments! I’d love to know…what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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