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Not all photo shoots are created equal! That’s especially true for little kids- one kid might love to dress up and look cheerful for the camera, but another might want to run away the moment they’re told to sit still and smile. If you’ve ever made photo Christmas cards with pictures of your youngest family members, just take a look at their facial expressions- they will be very individual to each kid’s personality. Here is a story by Marisol, where she remembers her own photo shoot experience.

Shutterfly Holiday Card

I’m not going to smile. No way. These people are crazy with their big cameras and glaring lights. They are also ruining my day. But I’ll show them. I’ll just sit here and sulk in my misery.

This morning, instead of my favorite leggings, I had to wear tights. And a skirt. And a turtleneck (what three-year-old wants to wear a turtleneck?). Karen, my preschool teacher, walked me over to one of the playrooms and sat me down in front of the camera. The strange people around me fussed over props and tables and my posture.

And now I’m supposed to just sit there and wait for them to finally start taking the school picture. I’m missing playtime. Who knows when this will all be over? Will I get my snack? What about nap time?

I decide then and there that if they want a school portrait then they will get one. With their stupid flashy cameras, they will capture the image of an indignant three-year-old who obviously has better things to do. I will hold my head up high and I will frown. I will furrow my eyebrows and frown until this is all over and I can go play dress-up.

A few weeks and a hundred wallet-sized photos later, my school pictures are carefully placed in each and every one of my family’s Christmas cards.

I think, maybe next time I’ll smile.

Shutterfly Holiday Card

Marisol is a proud Yalie, Kappa and Sociology major. A longtime New Yorker, she is interested in pursuing a career in education. Marisol started her blog, Mari’s Notebook, in 2011, and she has recently joined online magazine The Flairist as a contributing writer and Social Media Specialist.

Did you like school or family photo shoots when you were little? How about the youngest kids in your family- do they ever frown for the camera? Check out the post by Leila, one of our contributors, on The ABC’s of Photographing Toddlers for tips on how to help the little ones enjoy photo shoots more, and to capture their unique personalities on camera.

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