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A little over two years after moving into my family’s current home, I finally decided it was high time to hang some pictures and make our house a home! Because I love the chic and sophisticated, gallery-like look of Shutterfly’s canvas prints, I ordered several of these to serve as the anchor pieces.  Here are a few of the ideas that guided my gallery-building and may be helpful as you build one of your own:

gallery wall1

gallery wall2

  1. Pick a theme – The sky’s the limit here. You can do friends, pets, favorite places — whatever floats your boat. It’ll help as you decide which pictures to print, though, if you narrow your focus by way of a theme. Because the gallery in our home goes down the hallway that leads to our bedrooms, I went with “family” for our theme. The wall outside my older son’s room features pictures of him; the wall outside mine and my husband’s room features pictures (and mementos) of the two of us, as well as our entire family, and the final wall is outside our second son’s room. He’s due right after Christmas, so I’m saving that space to fill up as soon as we can get pictures printed from his newborn session! Having this theme kept me from the crisis of deciding whether or not to print other pictures that I love. If it’s not my family, it’s going in another gallery!
  2. Be flexible – I mean this in a couple of different ways. First, be flexible in the sizes of the pictures you use. For our gallery, I printed canvases in sizes that range from 12X12 to 20X30. I did this, because it keeps things more visually interesting to mix it up a little. Thankfully, Shutterfly offers a wide variety of sizes. Don’t be afraid to use them all – and go bold! In my opinion, the bigger my baby’s face, the better!Mixing up the sizes also gives me the freedom to toss in framed prints, as well. Again, this keeps things visually interesting and gives me the opportunity to include other types of things in the gallery, too – things that I can’t print on canvas. For instance, on the wall outside our bedroom, I included a framed copy of the 1930s sheet music of the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. There’s also a large art print of Quebec City, where we honeymooned. By giving myself the freedom to use frames and prints in addition to the canvas anchors, the wall takes on a whole deeper lever of meaning for our family!
  3. Change it up – Favorite photos change. Families grow. Kids grow up, and babies are born. Leave yourself space to add new pictures. Know that the gallery is a work in progress. You can always add to it, take away from it, or rearrange things to make it reflect your ever-changing life and times.

gallery wall3

gallery wall4

By following these steps – Pick a theme; be flexible; change it up – you can create the type of wall-arrangements that make a house a home – and Shutterfly has the wide variety of products and services to help you as you do!

gallery wall5

Speaking of, I want to put my seal of approval on the quality of Shutterfly’s canvases. I’ve purchased canvas prints from several different vendors in the past, but my recent order was my first experience with Shutterfly canvases. I’m hooked! Compared to the other companies’ prints, Shutterfly’s quality is, as I’ve come to expect from them, top-drawer. The color quality is pristine, and the tautness of the canvas on the frame is just right.

gallery wall6

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