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Use natural light to make your pictures glow

Posted By Susie L On December 16, 2009 @ 7:00 am In Photo Tips | 4 Comments

I recently discovered something so elemental that I’m almost embarrassed to admit my discovery. But here it is anyway. I noticed that when I turn off my flash and rely only on available light for indoor shots, my pictures turn out much better. The effect is natural, emotional, often whimsical and very rich in color. Nothing is posed. No harsh shadows. It’s like a moment paused.

This was revolutionary. I was in a photo rut. I had all but stopped taking pictures entirely except for special occasions like birthdays, vacations or milestones. But what about the rest of our lives? The every day stuff? With this in mind and with my flash disabled, I went about documenting a few random days at home with my kids.

Like when my daughter was sick recently and would only take her medicine with a mini-Popsicle chaser.

Needless to say, the kids ate many, many popsicles. But eventually she got the exercise down and even started dispensing medicine to her dolls.

And we were left with a lot of mini-Popsicle sticks. So we made puppets which my son used to performed the story of the peacock who was so mad at the chicken for waking him up in the morning that he launched him up into the sky on a spaceship for the moon. The End.

Now imagine a photo book filled with these kinds of daily or weekly vignettes. Holidays and milestones are wonderful but its’ the stuff in between that often goes undocumented. So here’s your chance. Go turn off your flash, pause a few moments and delight in the warm glow of your daily life.


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