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It’s my niece’s first Christmas, she’ll be almost five months by the time December 25th rolls around, so I wanted to give her something special. As a writer and book-lover I wanted to combine both of my passions to give her a gift that she can appreciate as she gets older. Yes, I could get her toys or dolls or stuffed animals, but I could get her that any time I want. For Christmas I decided to make her a book and after wracking my brain over what kind of book to make her or how to do it, I found Shutterfly.



With so many sizes and styles it was super easy to create a beautiful photo-book for my niece. I love all of the idea pages, background colours, and embellishments, it allowed me to create something that I love and that I hope my niece will love too.



BUT I couldn’t just throw a bunch of photos the the two of us in a book, I needed some direction. So, I wrote her a little poem. On each page I typed out a different stanza and tried to find a photo of her (or the two of us) that matched. The poem is actually a letter that I wrote for her, that I planned on giving her when she got older. It’s all of my hopes and dreams and good wishes for my darling niece. It’s something I hope she can look back on and read over and over again when the sky is tray I hope she’ll appreciate and enjoy it, and maybe it will make her day. It’s something tangible that will remind her how much I believed in her from the moment I laid eyes on her.

Dear Belle,

I hope you go outside to play
shoes off in summer rain
feel the grass between your toes
feel the sun and rain upon your face

I hope you lay down on the grass
to see the great big sky
see the clouds change from shape to shape
right before your eyes

I hope you love your body
that lovely skin you’re in
don’t let them question your beauty
you’re even prettier than YOU think!

I hope you find your voice
and talk all of the time
I’d rather hear your angry thoughts
then to see you as a mime

My little niece stole my heart and this photo book is the perfect gift to remind her of that.

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