Valentine’s Day Stickers

I love Valentine’s Day!

Looking for something different for your kids to give with their valentine cards? Stickers are fun and kids love them. At least mine do. My son and I sat down one night and talked about what he wanted on his stickers. He just wanted a picture on his stickers and no words. There are many options to add writing if you wanted to. We found a picture we liked and picked the colors. We simply uploaded the picture we made to the Shutterfly site and ordered them! Very easy.

make your own sticker

I made a printable to go with the stickers. You could give these to boys and girls. Change the picture on the sticker if you wanted it to be more girly. Stickers are a great alternative if you don’t want to give out Valentines with candy. We may add a treat with these or just keep them as is. My son is so excited to hand them out to friends!

Shutterfly stickers

Don’t forget to send Valentine’s to family! If you didn’t get your Christmas cards sent out last year or even if you did, Valentine’s cards are a great way to send some love. Upload a picture to your account and find a card that you like. Super easy and I know our family will love getting their cards in the mail.

Shutterfly Valentine Cards

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