Spruce Up Your Gift Giving With Photo Luggage Tags and Coasters

I love gift giving. I enjoy finding just the right gift and wrapping it in a fun way.  I feel that I can express my affection through the thoughtful choice and presentation of a gift. But let’s be honest.  Finding the perfect gift and wrapping it in a fun way gets more and more difficult as my parents and in-laws get older.  What new unexpected gift can I get them?  How can I make opening the gift fun for them?

Photo Luggage Tag

Fortunately, this year Shutterfly helped me solve my gift giving dilemma.  Shutterfly has such great collections of photo books and photo gifts.  I was able to find the perfect gifts for my parents and my in-laws  (of course it helps that they have such gorgeous children and grandchildren).

Photo Luggage Tags

I chose to give each set of parents a set of photo coasters featuring the grandchildren.  The coasters are top quality with clear sharp photos.  I was a amazed at how thick the coasters are.  Each set of coasters came with 4 different photo choices. Uploading the photos and ordering the coasters was quick and easy.  I also ordered a photo luggage tag for my parents since they travel quite a distance to visit us (plus, I had a plan for that luggage tag).

Gift tags DIY

To put a twist on the gift wrapping I decided to repurpose one of the coasters and the luggage tag to make them the gift tags for the gifts.  It was quick and easy.  The only supplies needed were decorative paper, plain paper and repositionable poster tape.   I used a paper cutter and corner rounder to cut the paper to fit the back of the luggage tag and coaster but you could easily use scissors.  I used the repositionable poster tape to adhere the paper to the back the luggage tag and coaster.  Then I  added a plain piece of paper to write the to and from information.  The repositionable tape didn’t leave any marks on the coaster or luggage tag.

Gift tags DIY

My in-laws received a homemade basket with a bag of coffee, the photo coasters and one coaster repurposed as the gift tag.

Gift Basket DIY

Both sets of parents commented on the fun gift tags and lovely photo gifts even before they opened the actual gifts  There was plenty of oohing and ahhing once they saw the photo coasters and we’ve since received several comments on how much they’re enjoying their photo gifts.  Luck for me there are many more Shutterfly photo gifts for me to choose from for future gift giving.

Wine Gift Bag DIY

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