How to: From Doodle to Mug to Vase

The bottom line is that kid art is awesome. It’s bright, playful and can be displayed beyond the fridge. That’s why we’ve decided to inspire our space with that extra pop that could only come from Picassos-in-training.

preserve your child's artwork

We definitely recommend that you do the same—your walls, your bedroom, your desk will thank you for it. It’s super easy. Here’s how to refresh your home with your favorite mini-masterpieces.

preserve your child's artwork

  1. Choose your favorite kid doodle.
  2. Take a photo of it.
  3. Upload to Shutterfly.
  4. Make something fun (like a mug).
  5. Do something cool with it (use it as a vase).
  6. Pat yourself on the back for being a creative genius.

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