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Hi! I’m Destiny from Suburban Wife, City Life. I’m a mom to two little ones and wife to my sweet hubby Mike. I find our lives today are so crazy, hectic, social, plugged in and organized that we often forget about the simple things in life. To me it is spending time together as a family, but it’s also taking time to do something special as a couple, and cell phone free. When I learned that Shutterfly has puzzles you can personalize, I knew this was the perfect activity for my husband and I to do to connect again!

I had a hard time deciding what pictures to put in the puzzle. I thought about making it about our early relationship, or taking photos from places we’ve visited together, but in the end I opted for our little family. I picked my 4 favorite family photos and instantly fell in love with our puzzle.

personalized puzzles

When my 252 piece puzzle arrived, I became a kid, so excited to have a project to work on. With all the snow that has fallen in the area it was a nice activity to sit down and do together.
As we worked on our puzzle we each had a job. Mike was in charge of the border and I started to put the 4 different pictures into piles.

I loved the fact that I hardly had to look at the box because the puzzle was so familiar to me. I had 2 pictures in place before Mike even finished the outside.

personalized puzzles

As we continued, we joked about who was working harder, or getting more done, and how we each had the “tough” section.

When it came to the last piece we laughed because it had “gone missing” but in the end I gave him the pleasure of finishing it off.

personalized puzzles

The puzzle took us about an hour and we really enjoyed our mini “date”. I also love the fact that it is something fun we can pull out when the kids are a little older. We grew up putting puzzles together and I’m so happy Shutterfly has so many options of personalized puzzles. The hard part is deciding what puzzle to create next!

personalized puzzles

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