My Stocking Stuffer Recipe

Looking to add a little spice to your holiday season or sweeten a holiday gathering? Here’s a tried and true recipe I think everyone can use this holiday season. It’ll fit in a stocking, requires little time to create, and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by any recipient!

(image by AngieS596)

First, the ingredients:

  • Gather 10 to 30 of your favorite photos from 2009 (or earlier) and add to Shutterfly
  • Season with a thematic saying to help caption the memories

Your photos can be from one occasion (like a party or a trip) or spread out across multiple months and seasons. I love looking through my photos of the year and finding my favorites.

(image by AliEdwards)

Sometime the seasonings can be a bit tricky for folks. I found a couple of ideas in Shutterfly’s Gallery that you can use or may inspire another idea. holiday book 09 by AngieS596 uses the ‘Love is…’ saying liberally. AE 5×7 Baby Book by AliEdwards uses simple sentiments to add sweetness to her creation. bday book by lauraE249 spices up her book with a list of reasons her kids are thankful for their father.

Next, mix the ingredients together:

  • Pick your size, any will do, but a 5×7 photo book is easy to take stuff in a purse or briefcase and easy on the pocketbook, starting at $12.99
  • Layout the pages with a photo or 2 and add sayings generously as captions or on facing pages
  • Select a favorite photo for the cover (I like using a full bleed image to really capture your attention)
  • Preview and order

Your book will be done in plenty of time for the holidays. If you don’t get around to trying this recipe for a couple of weeks, make sure to check our shipping guidelines to ensure on time arrival.

(image by LauraE249)

I would love to hear how you add your own spin to this recipe as well as what the recipients think of your creation. Share their reactions below!


  1. Joey says

    This is such a great tip. I just whipped one up of my brother and sister-in-law’s puppy. They took photos of her in a Santa outfit and theya re adorable and I told her these would be perfect in a book – everyone is my family knows I love to make books. I made several as gifts this year!!
    I like the smaller versions with a simple word or phrase on the opposite page. One thing I wish I would have done. There’s always an opporunity to make books!!
    Love these tips.

  2. says

    These are great gifts for Grandmas and Daddies to show off to their friends at a luncheon or after an office meeting. I think if you pick cute close-ups of your favorite kiddo and do the caption on once page and the photo on the other always has a big impact. Less is more! You have given us great examples Lara!

  3. TonetteB says

    Great tips! I have created a book with simple sayings on the left page & the photo on the right page of my neice Kourtney! At the time she was just 2 months & I didn’t have alot of photos of her! I wanted make a book for one of her Christening gifts! This was the perfect solution & I love the way it came out! I agree with Ann that it has so much impact with a caption on one side & the photo on the other! I added words like bundle of joy, bathing beauty, precious, etc. It came out so beautiful! It was a huge hit with everyone! :)

    Your examples are wonderful! This would make a perfect gift for anyone & its so fast & easy to create! :)

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