Celebrate December in a photo book

There is so much going on in December that it’s a challenge to capture all of the month’s memories. I look through my albums with all the Christmas stories I’ve told for my daughters and granddaughters, but there is so much left untold.

This year when we were hanging the ornaments, Kelly kept asking me where each ornament was from and I realized that some of the memories were already fading. I knew then that I needed to put a book together featuring some of our favorite ornaments and the stories behind them.

The result was The Story of the Ornaments.

I used Adobe Photoshop image editing software along with digital scrapbooking products from DesignerDigitals.com including the December Memories Quick Pages which is so easy to use. All the elements, photo frames and knickknacks are already in position and all you need to do is drop in your photo—simple as that!

The best part is that I can continue to photograph more of our ornaments, adding their stories and grow the book over the years! I look forward to that!

There are so many other ways to tell the story of the excitement of December.

Many people photograph and journal about each day leading up to Christmas and after. This amazing photo book by Myra is a wonderful approach to that concept.

Just getting your December photos into a photo book can be a huge accomplishment and Sarah did a wonderful job with a general December photo book about her family’s memories. BarbaraJ also did a great job capturing December. She even included a few holiday recipes in her photo book.

Whatever your approach to capturing and the magic of December, the result will be a story to remember in a photo book keepsake.


  1. Joey says

    This is one idea i have always wanted to do. I love your books and work Katie, such an inspiration. Maybe I’ll learn this in the new year. Then again I said that last year.

    Beautiful artical. I look forward to viewing the books you mentioned.

  2. rsheedy says

    I love the idea of documenting the holiday season. Every year when Christmas is over, I feel like I didn’t take the time to appreciate it until the last minute. Planning ahead and making a concerted effort to document the day’s celebrations would certainly require me to put more thought into it. These are great suggestions, and I absolutely love your books. You do amazing work!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    I was surprised to see my Demember to Remember, 2008 in here today. I had so much fun with all the photos we took. Shutterfly has so many great layouts ready for us to place our favorite photos in holiday pages. I have so many books and I am looking forward to this year and a little scrapbooking with my album. I love using favorite holiday recipes to add a touch of home cooking. I love the story of the ornaments!!

  4. says

    I am working hard to make annual family Christmas traditions work every year. Since I still have small children, I am making sure I take picture of these events in action; the day after Thanksgiving the tree is finally up photo, decorating the gingerbread house, sitting with Santa, the day of Christmas photos and the Happy New Year Family photo. Now after a few years of these traditions captured digitally and stored on Shutterfly, have an incredible collection of my kids over the years. I am building and saving for the future books that are going to be made.

    However, Katie, I love the idea of the history of the family’s ornament. That viewing that book will become and annual family tradition.

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