Mother’s Day Photo Book

by Tara Posted on April 21, 2014

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to get working on those gifts! We all know that moms wish for any one or all of the following things on this day: pampering, special attention and sentimental gifts! This year consider this sentimental idea I made for my mom: a family dictionary photobook!

Family Dictionary Photo Book

Growing up, our family seemed to have our own language, especially when it came to food.

Family Dictionary Photo Book

In an attempt to make things more understandable for my younger sister and me, I guess my mom started using very literal terms to describe some foods. Didn’t you know “orange noodles” was the correct term for mac and cheese? Or “CCs” was canned peaches due to their obvious similarity to the third letter of the alphabet?

Family Dictionary Photo Book

Most of these terms stuck and I didn’t realize how weird some of them really were until I was in college describing them to my husband or when we started using them for my nephew, Blake.

Family Dictionary Photo Book

To plan the dictionary, my sister and I created a word document listing all the funny words, common phrases and preferred terms our family used. I then I began turning them into dictionary style definitions.

Family Dictionary Photo Book

Example: on the above page you see Blake holding up a flashlight which we defined as “the object which produces a beam of light that one was asked to hold when helping daddy.”

Family Dictionary Photo Book

We worked to scan old photos and take new ones of our kids acting out some of these definitions. I’m sure some of the terms our family used are regional (dinner = supper) or common for those decades (pocketbook = purse), but I highly doubt the rest of the world calls ketchup, Italian dressing or gravy “dip it” and knows which item is which, depending on what is being served, right? Or knows that “diggily” describes something, like a rug, that is in disarray!

Family Dictionary Photo Book

If you want to make your own family dictionary, I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to prep the collection of photos and proofread your text before plugging it into the online photobook building site. Once there, you can take advantage of the customizing feature to make each layout fit the amount of text you have or increase the photo size on less text heavy pages.

Family Dictionary Photo Book

Overall, my mom got a kick out of our family dictionary and was laughing to tears while trying to read some of the definitions out loud! If your family is like mine with a language all their own, consider making your mom a family dictionary photobook at Shutterfly for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday!

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