How-to Celebrate New Big Sisters and Brothers

by Jessica G Posted on April 25, 2014

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A newborn’s arrival is such an amazing experience, so it’s only natural that the baby will draw a lot of attention from family and friends. This can be a little unsettling for a sibling used to being the only child, so carving out special time with them and giving them a gift that celebrates their new sibling status as big brother or big sister lets wee ones know how very loved and cherished they are.

Creating custom gift sets is always a good idea, especially when it combines spending time together with a personalized gift. Here are two fun options:

  1. Consider pairing classic children’s books with coordinating themed big brother shirts or big sister shirts. This offers quality time with mom or dad and they can proudly wear their tshirt to show off their new role in the family.
  2. new baby big brother or sister gifts
    Petite Lemon personalized big sister shirts and big brother shirts

  3. New big sibs can help mom or dad pick out photos for their newly expanded family’s photo book. The book will not only hold special memories, kiddos will feel important for being able to help create something for the whole family to treasure.
  4. big brother or sister photo book gift
    Shutterfly Photo Book

    How did you help your wee one celebrate becoming a new big brother or sister?

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