Unique Couples Wedding Shower

What happens when two chefs fall in love? You get a recipe for lifelong happiness together! Which is exactly what happened for my brother-in-law Steve and his fiancée Joanna. They met while working together in the kitchen at Per Sé a few years ago, and now they’re planning a July wedding. I wanted to help them celebrate by throwing a shower that would uniquely reflect the culinary part of their lives and their relationship, so I turned to Shutterfly for memorable decór that would be perfect for both the party and their home.

couples wedding shower

My inspiration piece for the shower was this Stock the Kitchen invitation design; I love the bright color and the fun utensils in the background. It’s fun, modern, and perfect for a chef. From there, I started looking at all the things I could do with photos. For some reason, Steve and Joanna don’t take many pictures of themselves or each other, but they do have plenty of photos of food they’ve cooked and restaurants where they’ve worked. Since those things are obviously important to them, I decided to turn some of the most amazing of their food photos into magnets {pictured above} and coasters. I also used them, along with the few photos I have of the couple themselves, to make an absolutely gorgeous table runner.

wedding shower table

It’s always nice to have lots of activities planned at a shower that will give the guests something fun to do, especially since there are often guests who don’t know anyone but the bride. First of all, I ordered a personalized guest book they could not just sign, but use to make predictions about the couple five years from now, fill in some blanks, and write special messages.

wedding shower photo guest book

Once they signed the book, they could move on to sharing their own “recipe for happiness” with Joanna by writing it down on a recipe card and hanging it up with a miniature clothespin.

recipe sharing ideas bridal shower

And since no party at the Artsy House is complete without a craft project, I created a station where guests could decorate their own wooden utensils with paint and personalized address label stickers that matched the shower’s theme.

wedding shower craft station

The best part of all is that after the party was over, Steven and Joanna had a variety of personal, meaningful things they can use to decorate their home. The table runner, coasters, and plates are things they can use every day, and the two pieces of wall art will look gorgeous in their living room.

personalized melamine plates

It was so much fun planning something that involved not only a couple very close to my heart, but the thing that brought them together in the first place; their careers as professional chefs. I’m so excited about all the ways Shutterfly helped to make everything so special and memorable for them, and I wish Steve and Joanna a lifetime of love!

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