Summertime Bridal Shower Ideas

Summertime for us means a swimmingly busy season of client weddings and all things lovely and fun. It’s also bridal shower season, so when we were invited by Shutterfly to create a whimsical bridal shower based on their beautiful wedding stationery, we jumped at the chance!

bridal shower1

We ran with the floral motif and created some stunning plates using some of our recent favorite Instagram photos from recent events, place mats, photo prints of lush and vibrant flowers, and a fun love pillow to accent our colorful setting. With summer inching nearer we envisioned a fresh and colorful setting with a mix of eclectic patterns, flowers and afternoon treats.

bridal shower2

Framing photos of your inspiration – whether it’s floral, travel, the bride or groom, or something else that drives your design – can be a fresh and creative way to set the table or scene for a lovely display. What’s even better is that you can use the photos post-party, too!

bridal shower3

A self-serve bar is always a must at our own parties. Stage champagne and wine glasses and let guests serve themselves up fizzy drinks {both alcoholic and non} and top with their own garnishes like blueberries, Popsicles, champagne and juices.

We encourage our couples to initiate activities at their celebrations and at a bridal shower it’s no different. We served up homemade jams with tags that the guests could write their names on along with a message about love and happiness. We mixed them up and other guests could choose with jam, along with that special message, they wanted to take home.

bridal shower4

bridal shower5

bridal shower6

What are your go-to summer party tips? Are you throwing a bridal shower this summer?

See more of the party here.

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