Growing So Fast! Unique Ways to Capture Your Kid’s Special Milestones

Did time seem to go as fast before we had kids? We’re not quite sure, but we do know that we’re constantly looking at pictures of our ever changing wee ones and thinking to ourselves, “Wow, time flies!”

If like us, you continually snap shots of the kids and post them on Facebook or Instagram, it’s always fun to scroll through each year’s images and be amazed at how tall they’ve grown, how long or short their hair is now, etc. But for something a bit more tangible and keepsake worthy, here are three ways to capture your child’s milestones.

customizable growth charts

Personalized growth charts from are a perfect way to record your child’s height on a regular basis, as well as at special moments like the first and last days of school, birthdays, etc.

personalized photo books for kids

Photo books allow you to easily pull together pictures of each year’s highlights, arranging them chronologically and adding in fun captions.

acrylic glass photo prints

For a sleek modern look on your wall — create a clear acrylic glass print with images you’ve taken throughout the year. Think family vacations, first day of school, and other memorable events!

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