Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gift

In honor of our seventh wedding anniversary, my husband made me a Shutterfly 60 x 80 fleece photo blanket. I do not know where to begin to describe this gift.


First of all, the blanket is enormous! My toddler and I have already shared many snuggles under it. And, let me tell you, she is a blanket hog!

Then, there is the quality of the fleece. It is super soft and the colors are vibrant. I am glad he chose the fleece. The knit blankets are nice. But, I wanted something softer, warmer, and that won’t snag (we have large dogs and small children, haha).

Next, there is the customization aspect. There are a couple of different sizes and tons of layouts to choose from. The one my husband made for me accommodated eight photos with a personalized monogram, message, or saying in the middle. For my blanket he chose “Brown Family.” The pictures reflect our family of four. A few photos are all of us, ones of each of our girls, and of us as a couple. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the photo quality is;especially since the pictures are quite large!

These blankets would be great gifts as going away presents, graduate gifts, remembrance gifts of lost loved ones, etc.

This blanket has to be my favorite anniversary gift yet. However, I may have to pry it away from my toddler. She keeps stealing it to “hug” her Daddy, Nana, or me (especially when one of us are away).

See for yourself; design and order one, you will not be disappointed! Mine is something I will always treasure.

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