Cherished Memories on a Fleece Photo Blanket

by Kellie Brown Posted on August 25, 2014

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My last blog post was reviewing the 60 x 80 fleece photo blanket my husband made me for our seventh wedding anniversary. Since I wrote that post, I have also designed and purchased one for a friend who recently lost her mother to a long battle with cancer. I cherish my blanket so much and I thought it would be a great way to make her a keepsake of her favorite photos of her mother.

photo blanket

Without giving too much away, I asked my friend for her favorite pictures of her mother. Little did I know that she does not have any of these pictures in print form, only in digital format.

So, I began designing the blanket on Shutterfly’s website and I ran into an issue, low resolution. Since many of the photos are quite old and the size of the photos on the blanket are enormous, it was an issue. I started to brainstorm and decided that several of the pictures I wanted to use HAD to be included on the blanket. So, I decided to have the pictures printed and from there, I was able to “reshoot” the pictures with my nice digital camera at home and then upload them again to Shutterfly. PRESTO, the problem was solved!

The blanket turned out beautiful and made my heart so happy that I would help her not only in her grieving, but also by giving her something to treasure forever.
She posted a picture of the blanket on social media with this note…

“My heart is full. One of my best friends, Kellie, had this blanket made for me with my mom’s photos on it and the Ferguson clan motto. I love it! And I know my mom would too! Thank you so much. Also, the motto “Dulcius Ex Asperis” translates to “Sweeter Through Difficulty” which I’ve always thought it suited my mom & this family so well.”

The next day she was still thanking me and wrote on my personal wall-

“Seriously Kel, every time I look at the blanket, I tear up. Not only because it’s photos of my mom, but because you were so gracious to think of me/her and do something so nice. I do so much for other people (because I get joy outta it) and you doing this just made me so happy! Thank you, again and again and again. Love you!”

If you are in need of an idea for a gift for someone for the upcoming holidays, a gift of remembrance, graduation, et cetera, this is one that will be graciously received.

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