It’s NEVER too late for cards

The Holiday time frame is an extremely busy time of year! With all the Christmas parties, holiday decorating, cooking and visiting with family and friends, there is little time left over to create your Christmas photo cards.

If you are anything like my family and find that the holidays slip by too quickly without having made your annual car, there is always a reason to send something out. With our world becoming so email/text based, people LOVE to receive a personalized card in the mail…it’s NEVER too late to reach out to loved ones.

If you miss Christmas and haven’t sent out your Christmas cards yet, don’t worry. Your family and friends would rather receive something after the 25th, than not at all.  If the 25th passes you by or you don’t celebrate, New Year’s is another great opportunity. Shutterfly has many great Happy 2010 designs that allow a space for your favorite photo (s) from the year (possibly your family Christmas photo) and space for a personalized message.

If you don’t want to do an annual letter, have fun and include a top 10 list of what made the Holidays special for you and your family this year. And if you really procrastinate, create a Happy Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day card, we have so many beautiful designs to showcase your family and people will love to see how you and/or your family have grown this past year!


  1. says

    I am still working on getting my family to sit still long enough to take our annual Happy New Year photo. If I cannot get it done this week this photo will turn in to a Happy Valentines Day photo to be sent out. :)

  2. Jane says

    I’ve sent and received New Year’s letters instead of Christmas cards and they’re always welcome. I like the idea of a Valentine’s Day card and family update this year.

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