Vintage Christmas Photos

Reliving memories of the past is always good fun, bringing back feelings of nostalgia even to the grinchiest of adults. Rummage through Grandma’s closet, dust off old photo albums and sort through old Christmas photos. You’ll need to scan physical photos onto your computer (or take them to a professional scanning services company.)  Once you do, upload pictures on Shutterfly and put together your own vintage Christmas photo book using Simple Path.  It’ll be 5 minutes of easy work that will draw coos and laughter on Christmas morning, especially if pictures involve family members with dated clothes and bad hair.

Here are some Christmas photos I found online to get you in the right mind set:






Other vintage Christmas photo ideas?  Make vintage photo Christmas cards or a photo mug. Got the idea?  Have fun!


  1. Tiffany M says

    This is magnificent! And a great idea for the mom’s Christmas gifts for next year! Thank you for the inspiration! :o)

  2. says

    I dosent matter what the year is any Christmas photo with kids by a Christmas tree brings a warm feeling to your heart. A vintage photo book would be great to share with your family. I love the idea of a vintage card too. It is very “Christmas Story”!

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