Create an iPhone photo book

I am totally in love with my iPhone (sad but true). We have spent a lot of quality time together in just a few short months. Whether its in the car, at work, visiting friends and family, sitting on the couch, cooking, reading (I could go on and on), we are always together.

I’m also in love with my iPhone’s camera because it’s so handy – always within reach or on my person 24 hours a day – while my regular cameras usually find their way to the bottom of a diaper bag, purse or coat pocket (across the building in coat check).

The camera on the iPhone is far from perfect but as I stated previously, it’s always convenient and available, and there are great camera applications available to improve the quality. I found an app called “Camera Genius” that helps with “hand shake” and has burst mode (takes multiple pictures in a row) and has been doing wonders for my iPhone photography. I tried out quite a few apps but settled on that one as the most helpful for me.

This awesome photo book from claireh35 made me rush to the “app store” and download the colorsplash app immediately. How cool and fun is that!? KristenS1104 photographed an entire day at the apple orchard with her iphone! Photo books like eyecandy’s holiday scrapbook made me want to take more pictures on my iphone.

After my research for this article, I uploaded my iPhone pictures to see what I had on there and to my surprise I found that my two year old son had learned how to use the camera and had been taking pictures all along. I made a book for his new hobby too!

My new goal is to make an entire iphone photography book in 2010 and utilize those cool phone apps, like the one from Shutterfly that lets you access all your Shutterfly albums and pictures from your iPhone, plus upload your iPhone pictures directly to your Shutterfly account for permanent safekeeping. Check it out!


  1. Joey says

    I have heard others say they love their iphones and couldn’t live without them. I think the one thing that impresses me the most is the clarity of the photos. Its so cool!!
    Thats funny Brayden has been taking photos all along and that you made a book showcasing his new hobby!
    Great article!

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