The first photo book

My friends call me the “Shutterfly pusher”, because at every party, when someone asks me about Shutterfly, I go on and on about it: “Making photo books is fun, photo books are cool, they take up less space in my house, and you just have to post them in the Gallery to share them!”

But here’s the thing…even though my friends and family love my photo books and find them unique and interesting, they do not make any for themselves; so I’m taking my “Shutterfly pushing” one step further. I’m introducing family and friends to the photo book making process, and turning them from photo book admirers into photo book makers.

For instance, with a little help from me, my mother made a book about her trip to Italy and had a ball!  I had to sit down with her and set up the book to get things rolling, but once she got the hang of it, she had fun and followed with another vacation book. She also has future plans on scanning some old pictures and making my Oma a book. Thus, her new Shutterfly hobby is born.

My mom’s friend loved her books so much, she got busy too, and made HER mom a 90th Birthday book. She said she had a great time making the book, and looks forward to the next one! I’m telling you, it only takes one person to start a trend…

A friend of mine who loves taking pictures almost as much as I do, started her first book before the birth of her first child… and now has completed three! She’s hooked!

I know some people are intimiated by photo books but once you make your first one, it’s hard to stop. And if my mother can make one, anybody can! Plus, now that Shutterfly has introduced Simple Path, making that first photo book is easier than ever. Tell your family and friends to try it! Oops, I think I’m “Shutterfly pushing” again…


  1. Joey says

    Fun article Tiffany, and I too, am always ‘pushing’ photobooks. I recognize that cute family above!!
    It is fun when you see people get excited and WANT to do more, they come up with ideas for their next books. I was so excited that the girls from my party each made a book. They were all newbie’s and were a bit intimidated. Now, I kind of had to ‘push’ them to make sure they got it done. A couple did a few books. Some did Simple Path. Then I was working on my SIL’s book for Christmas, and contacted all the mom’s to send me photos of their children because I wanted to do a niece & nephew book. Well this inspired one of the girls to do a book; she has always wanted to do one. She did 2 and wants to start scanning in photos for another book. It is so much fun! One didn’t know how to post her books, so I helped her with that! Its fun when others share our passion.

  2. Grandto3 says

    I am a Shutterfly pusher and addict too. I have made so many photo books in the past year and I couldn’t be happier. I have done books for each of my grandchildren, chronicled our trips to Nashville, Nova Scotia and Italy, and just finished a year in review book, thanks to your suggestions. My friends love the books and I love the “oohs and ahhhs” that I receive when they are viewing them. Not sure if I have inspired anyone to do a book yet, but I keep trying. The best part of making the books is getting to view all the photos that have inspired so much happiness.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Well we need to have a club call Shutterfly pusher! Me too! In fact I had a comment on facebook and she said, “Barb you sound like you work for shutterfly, are you sure you are not getting paid for this advertisement”. I send her a note and said no pay, I just love Shutterfly, go girl! Two of my daughters are now doing books and I am so proud of them. I started making them for one of the girls and she had me changing everything so I finally said to Gina….Honey you need to create this yourself ….you know what you want better than me. She has done three in the last six months and they are great. Thank you for this article.

  4. Earl J says

    A terrific blog, Tiffany, and I’m a pusher of Shutterfly as well. I continue to be so impressed by the quality of the Shutterfly product. It has never wavered in the many years I’ve been ordering from them. In fact, I just sent in a new, large order today.

  5. says

    Oh yes Tiff… I am a Shutterfly Publisher as well and editor too. I have friends now sharing albums and books for me to look over and make any suggestions before the final draft. I love helping out anyway I can, may it be showing how to crop a photo to organizing a whole book. I love it and it is so much fun working with my friends too. I like our new official title Shutterfly Publisher…it is much classier than Shutterfly Helper Outer….:)

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