The joy of January calendars

by Rachel B Posted on January 14, 2010

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I’m a holiday rebel. For instance, I never ever EVER go to malls in December. Why spend thirty minutes parking, fifteen minutes schlepping through the parking lot, and hours standing in long lines, when I can stay at home with a cup of hot cocoa and get my shopping done in thirty minutes or less? Online shopping is the best! Here’s another thing I never ever EVER do: purchase my own calendar in December.

January is my calendar month of choice. Why? Great prices, more leisure time, and Shutterfly’s amazing calendar tool. The Shutterfly calendar feature makes it’s easy to create my calendar any time I like, because I can start with any month I want…February for instance. I’ll still get my twelve months, I’ll just end in January instead of December. I can even do an eighteen monther if I feel inclined.

And here’s the clincher. I’m making FOUR of them – one for me, and one for each of my good friends. Why not? The price is right! And I know my friends will love them, because they feature images of our latest “girl vacations” (which work perfectly with the new “Perennial Favorites” background by the way – I love the playful modern edge to these designs).

Are you a shopping rebel? Let me know how you make your shopping experiences fun and not frantic, by commenting on this blog.

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Where's my photo?
  1. barblyn Says:

    I always make my calendars in January too. I try to have a picture of my husband and I from the matching month of the previous year and give it to him as a Valentines present. The cover always reflects Valentines Day.
    It’s a nice memory of the previous year every time we turn the page.

  2. BarbaraJ Says:

    I would love to make a challenge for the Shutterfly Guru to make a back in my high school days calendar. We did that one year and really put some crazy ones in there. It was so much fun. Think of something different that you can get a big smile out of when you look at it. Another cute idea is make a baby face book with funny baby faces. Bj

  3. AnnAbbott Says:

    You are so right Rachel!
    You can make a Shutterfly calander any month of the year because you can pick the starting month. This can make gift giving easier for bithday presents in the middle of the year.

  4. Earl J Says:

    This is a FUN blog, and how I agree with you that a mall is no place to be in December (and most other months too). Glad you presented the idea that you don’t have to start Shutterfly calendars in January. My current Shutterfly calendar ends in June and I just ordered a new one that starts in July. Hey, let’s have someone take a picture of us like you and Rach when I see you in March.

  5. scrapsage Says:

    After looking at the beautiful backgrounds on this calendar, I’m thinking of using the HUNDREDS of photos I have taken of my lovely flower gardens. They would blend perfectly and it would give me such joy to be looking at summer flowers in the middle of February!

  6. Joey Says:

    Another great article. I never thought to do a calendar in the middle of the year, but it makes perfect sense and it would make a great birthday gift. I get so many ideas by coming to the blog! I love all the fun new backgrounds. I usually just make my parents one and use a variety of photos from food, to flowers, to kids. I wanted to do one for each of my siblings but for each calendar I do, everyone has different birthdays they want for their calendars. So if I were to add in everyone’s dates, they’d all clump together and I wouldn’t know who’s date belongs with who. I did send a request to Shutterfly and they said this would be a good idea that they’d consider – so then each person I did a calendar for I could enter in their specific dates.
    I so agree about shopping in the malls in December. A place I try to avoid. I did several books for Christmas from Shutterfly this year and also did some online shopping. Its much easier!

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