Travel Tips for Family Trips

Every family looks forward to getting away. To help you have the best family vacation yet, I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips and ideas:

Planning – deciding where to go is one of the most important decisions for your vacation. This is where you’ll need to consider the ages of those in your group, how well they travel, and what they like to do.

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Destination – choose a destination that everyone will enjoy
– Small children may have trouble with a long flight or changes in time zone.  Think about your child’s ability to adjust when choosing a destination.
– You may feel that a relaxing vacation on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai is a paradise on Earth. But an active teenage son or daughter might be happier on Waikiki

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Accommodations – are there activities for children? A game room? A swimming pool?
– Many hotels, especially in Florida, Mexico and Hawaii, offer bonus values for families with children, ranging from free meals to kids staying free on their properties
– Research room options, you may save money with a suite, instead of getting two rooms

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Packing – you don’t even think about it until something goes wrong
– Avoid a lost-bag emergency by packing a little of everything in each suitcase
– Pack essential items in your carry-on bag
– Save space by putting little shoes in big shoes, socks and underwear inside little shoes
– Share toiletry items or plan to use the hotel’s complimentary products
– Pack a few toys, if necessary, and leave the rest at home
– Do you need to pack diapers or can they be purchased in destination?

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Traveling – an occupied child is a happy child
– Keep your kids involved by giving them small tasks such as carrying a bag
– Make use of the DVD player on your laptop computer by playing a favorite video
– Bring snacks to curb moodiness due to hunger, it also saves on airport expenses
– On the airplane a gift or treat could be an incentive for good behavior

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On Vacation – you’ve reached your destination and the fun can begin
– Keep everyone’s feelings in mind. Not everyone has the same walking speed or endurance, and not everyone has the same tolerance for crowds, heat, etc.
– An afternoon at the hotel pool is just what the doctor ordered to recharge your child’s battery for the next batch of excitement

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I hope these tips help make your next vacation fun and easy.  Bon Voyage, and be sure to share some of those great vacation photos!


Emily H.
Delta Vacations


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Thank you for all you valuable suggestion. We love to travel and hope to travel to Europe again soon. It is extremely important to pack with this knowledge. Great article.

  2. says

    I love all the suggestions. The packing tips are great and very helpful. I love the little shoes in big shoes idea. Efficiency will help keep things tidy and allow you more freedom to enjoy your trip! Super article!
    Vickie P1

  3. says

    So many little details can make or break a trip. My husband wants to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Me, I love to pack light. There have been many a time that I am glad he thinks ahead. I love road trips with the kids. It works so well to be able to stop and go went we need to. And if you are traveling through big cities, I love the face you are able to pull into a store at any point durning a trip to pick up something quick.

  4. TonetteB says

    Your tips are so helpful & I love all the photo examples!!! I like the idea of checking out room options & that a suite may cost less than booking 2 rooms! I will have to remember that next time! I know that with cruise ships its almost the same price to have a family of 4 squished in 1 room as it is to get 2 rooms! We wished we knew that tip on our 1st cruise! I will look into the suite price verses 2 room price next time I travel! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas & refreshing photo examples! :)

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