My top 5 folded card ideas

There are so many ways that you can express your thoughts and feelings for friends and family, but the most meaningful gifts are always those made from the heart and personalized with a photo. Photos evoke so many emotions and feelings, that including one in your folded card is a gift in itself.  It’s a reminder of a special time and a memento to hold on to! That is why I love creating personalized folded greeting cards for friends and family outside of the holiday time-frame.  Here are my favorite ideas to inspire you and help you connect with your loved ones.

Birthday Card
Select a funny photo of you and the birthday boy or girl. Place secondary photos inside that represent times you had together. If you select a full bleed design you can gift it with a photo frame so they can insert the photo and remember that moment you had together!

Recipe Card
Being a casual chef myself, I think there are so many fun ways to gift recipes with cards! After a successful dinner party, send out a recipe loved by your guests with a picture of it included. This also makes an inexpensive gift for a birthday- bake them their favorite cookies and include a folded card with a photo of the cookies and recipe inside. Have a favorite recipe you want to send your daughter/son while in college? Send them your hugs and kisses along with their favorite meal recipe to remember home by.

Thank You Card
Spruce up the ordinary thank you with a photo of you holding/using the gift you received. If it’s a party thank you, include your favorite part of the night on the front with complimentary photos inside. This is a surefire way of giving the recipient a smile and getting invited back to the next party!

Thinking Of You/I Love You Card

This is a card that NEVER gets old with loved ones. Who doesn’t want to be told they are loved and appreciated? Keep your relationship alive and send a photo folded card once a month with your favorite photos taken over the course of your relationship. Make it extra special each month and include in the card why you love them or a favorite memory you have shared.

Seasonal Greeting Card
Keeping in touch with your loved ones and sharing your life experiences outside of the Holiday time-frame is always a good thing to do. I love to send cards throughout the year to different people in my life – whether it be a Happy Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter it always is fun to share photos and stories with your family and friends.

Any reason to connect outside of the Holiday time frame is a must. Make it a priority in 2010 to share your life with those you love!


  1. Earl J says

    Thanks, Stephanie, your blog is filled with good, practical ideas. I continue to be amazed at the positive reactions I get from the Shutterly cards I send.

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Thank you Stephanie, I love the Recipe card. This is a great idea and I love taking pictures of food. I really like the Thank you cards they are a perfect size for notes.

  3. says

    I love the personal thank you card. That special photo of you and the host of any get together is wonderful. That was the way I first discovered Shutterfly. My daughter got and invitation with the picture of the birthday boy on it and then got a thank you card with a picture of the birthday boy at the party. I looked on the back of the card and it said SHUTTERFLY! And that was back in 2005!

  4. shannonr says

    I so love the idea about the Recipe Card. This is a very nice article and definitely has thrown a few ideas into my head. Thanks

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