A Dad’s Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I’ve been actively perusing our Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery for inspiring books about why we love dad. There are so many wonderful examples that it’s difficult to only highlight a few. But here are some of the creations that caught my eye.

What I love about LeslieJ32s Our Dad is the fact that the book’s captions are full of loving messages to dad from his family. Those heartfelt words are just as important as the pictures. And as a bonus, we also get spectacular photos. Did you see some of the locations they’ve been to? Like the German Alps? Makes me want to hop on a plane right now!

The Adventures of Daddy Boy and Hazel by zoetalinda is another great daddy book. What made me smile was the fact that the book was actually created for daddy’s little girl, because she missed him so much when he had to work late. The book itself is playful and fun, and the captions really get to the heart of what a 3-year-old feels about her daddy. If I was 3 again, I’d definitely want a daddy book like this one.

Can you guess who this man is? by Tinadesislets also brought a smile to my face. Tinadesislets has done a great job of using photos of dad and daughter, where dad isn’t looking into the camera, and turning them into a “guess who this is” book about daddy. The payoff at the end of the book is priceless. We get to see 6 whole photos of daddy facing the camera!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day book ideas you want to talk about? If so, please comment on this blog. And if you have a photo book you’d like to share, be sure to post it on Shutterfly Gallery.


  1. conniee4 says

    Love this article! I’ll have to look for ideas in the Gallery! You have inspired me to make a “Daddy” book!

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