Share site video tip – be your own Barbara Walters

Before I talk about Barbara, I want to ask you an important question. Do you have a Shutterfly Share site? If not, stop right here and create one, because they are THE BEST WAY (at least in my opinion) to stay connected with your family, friends and groups. Share sites are free personalized web pages that take just minutes to set up – and they’re perfect for communicating through shared photos, videos, calendars, journals, and more.

Now on to Barbara. If you do own a Share site and are taking advantage of its video section (or would like to), here’s an easy way to make your videos go from good to great (brought to you by our friends at MotionBox). Be your own Barbara Walters. Whether you’re filming a Saturday morning breakfast or a milestone birthday, interview the people who are in front of your camera. The answers may surprise you! Here’s an example that illustrates how a little Barbara can go a long way.


  1. Earl J says

    Because you created the blog, Rachel, I felt I had to look at it and it is both creative and good. My problem (yes, I know it’s MY problem), is that Barbara is so very far from being a favorite person of mine.

  2. says

    I just posted my first video to my share site. In addition, it was so easy, just like uploading photographs to Shutterfly. I can see many more videos in my future.

    Having a toddler is a perfect time to keep that camera a rolling and catch whatever flies out of their mouths…sometime it can be better than anything you can plan. Just ask the questions and stand back the video will make itself.

  3. Tiffany M says

    That is precious! Love the video. I will have to play with Motionbox more. I do use some videos but everything is through Youtube. I’m willing to venture! :o)

  4. says

    I just recently got a new camera with video, I have used it three times and can see myself using it more. I notced right away that I move the camera alot and I’m making all kinds of noise. So on the last one I started narrated, it looked and sounded alot better. Great tips!! Thanks Rachel.

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