Create your own Valentine’s Day photo keepsake

by Kathena A Posted on February 05, 2010

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This collage photo keepsake is both a picture in a frame and a magnet. The ideas here could be successfully used for any special occasion or holiday.


  • 1 empty clear plastic CD case
  • 1 roll of magnetic strip (visit your local craft store and look for a roll of 1” wide strip with a peel off backing)
  • 1 sheet of construction paper or card stock from a file folder, cut to 5 3/8” wide by 4 5/8” high
  • Paper for tearing. Choose from the following kinds of paper: gift wrap, colored or patterned tissue paper, magazine pictures, or construction paper
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 bottle white glue
  • Family photo
  • Colored pens or pencils


  1. Tear up small pieces of paper no larger than an inch in diameter. Your pieces should be random in size. Avoid straight edges
  2. Using a glue stick, cover the cut out rectangle with torn overlapping pieces of paper
  3. Cut out a heart from any plain paper. A cookie cutter makes a good template for this
  4. Glue the heart onto the collage
  5. Using the plain heart as a guide, glue torn paper of a contrasting color or design all over the heart. Your torn paper should overlap the heart perimeter a bit
  6. Glue your photo at the center of the heart using the white liquid glue
  7. Cut off a 1” x 3” piece of magnet strip, pull off the adhesive, and attach the magnet strip to the back of the CD case (at about 1 ¼” from the top of the case)
  8. Using the colored pencils or pens, write a message on the back of the collage. Date and sign it. Place it inside the CD case

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Where's my photo?
  1. Tiffany M Says:

    Cute! Love this.

  2. BarbaraJ Says:

    This is so cute and I love to work with kids and art projects. Thank you for such a cute idea.

  3. AnnAbbott Says:

    This is such a simple idea that looks great. Such an easy project for all ages from preschoolers on up!

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I grew up in the Bay Area where I soaked up all of the advantages that places like Berkeley, San Francisco and Marin could offer. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I taught grammar school here in California. Over the years I managed to teach all the grade levels and thus I have gained an arsenal of art projects and writing tips, which I would like to share with you. I work as an artist and metal smith now but my former students often visit me and, as you may imagine, some of them now have young children of their own. We often reminisce about a favorite art project that we did at school together. In some cases the original project has been preserved. I recently visited with a former student of mine who is now a college professor in the field of nanotechnology. I was amazed to see an art project that he had done in third grade on display in his parents’ home. Together, we admired his work all over again. With the arrival of Shutterfly’s photo storage capabilities parents can now photograph and preserve those memories and store them online. In addition, they can easily create beautiful memory books as future keepsakes for their children. With this in mind, it is my hope that together, you and I will create some new projects and family memories for your child’s scrapbook.

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